More Space Asia (ONGOING)


Awesome Art (2017)


Tomas Saraceno: Arachnid Orchestra. Jam Sessions (2016)

Printed Graphics

Centred around the notion of the exquisite web and featuring one of the works from Saraceno’s intriguing collection, we printed the image of the web on reflective material, thereby highlighting the finer details of the images on the covers on this informative booklet.

The Making of National Gallery Singapore (2015)


Project 6581: Parallel Perception & Counter Connection (2014)


The Dubai Mall: Sand to Spectacle (2013)


From sketch to construction, The Dubai Mall: Sand to Spectacle documents the creation of the world’s largest mall to date*. The book design is orientated towards conveying the monumental scale of the project, for instance through the use of fully bled architectural photos and several fold-outs.