Rotations: The Art of Tim Yip (2014)


It started from the exhibition, which was based around the idea of 生,老,病,死 (sheng, lao, bing, si) ‘Birth, life, sickness, death’.

Best known for his art direction in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the work of Hong Kong artist Tim Yip was presented in a retrospective at the Esplanade in 2014. Our Director Kelley Cheng designed both the exhibition and the accompanying catalogue titled, 原创无间 (Yuan Chuang Wu Jian), Rotations: The Art of Tim Yip. The name and cover graphic draws from the Buddhist concept of ensō, or circular form, which encapsulates the circular nature of life. We chose this image to represent Yips design philosophy, which is that style flows in a circle. The brush stroke that appears on the cover is the ensō circle, which was painted by the artist Yeo Shih Yun specially for the book.