The Press Room is a young publishing and design consultancy that seeks to find new dimensions and language in publishing and design. As with most young firms, we will like to proclaim that we are quite dynamic, in fact, our dynamism has often been compared to that of President Barack Obama.

With the philosophy that design is about good ideas, we are fully confident in designing anything and is hence multi- disciplinary in nature, as with most design firms in this century. We make big and small things like books, objects and spaces and we are attempting to make a Dolly sheep too. So you can really trust us to make anything for you, we have to refuse quite flatly though if you want any one of our good-looking team members to make a baby for you, unless you are extremely good-looking, clever, and rich, and is fully capable of making sheep too. These days common interest is underrated in relationships. Talking about relationships, in our free time when we are not changing the world, we provide counseling for distraught couples too.