The Press Room is a visual communication agency that specialises in content creation and content interpretation. We believe that “Form follows Content” and a good design is the result of good content. With our specialisation in understanding and reinterpreting content, we have carved a niche in creating brand narratives, building websites, making books and magazines, and designing large-scale exhibitions, all of which often entails crunching huge amount of information and making them accessible to the desired target audience. We employ a combination of strategies to present your content - text, infographics, illustrations, video interviews, etc. to ensure that the narrative is interactive, engaging and exciting.

We are a team of passionate and experienced creative people, including spatial, graphic and multimedia designers, illustrators, writers and editors who can work with you on your design and editorial needs. From creating a book from scratch, to providing content, designing and running a periodical or magazine, building a brand and its identity, to curating and crafting an exhibition in terms of structuring the content and design, we can be your one-stop creative solution provider.

We are versatile in the platforms in presenting your content - from printed matters, to electronic means including websites, e-books, EDMs to multimedia mediums such as videos, animation, motion graphics - we will find the best way to tell your story.