Arts Fission: Daydreams and Night Musing (2008)

Printed Graphics

Even as they keep pacing the eternal moon lit days.

The Arts Fission Company is a non-profit contemporary dance company known for site-specific performances beyond performance stages. “Daydreams & Night Musings” was a performance created in collaboration with choreographer Angela Liong, video artist Jing Chiang, experimental musicians of Choppa, and performed by by ARTS FISSION dancers up and down a 3-storey pre-war shophouse on Selegie Road, home to the Night & Day Gallery + Bar.

We chose to feature the performer’s legs for their functional importance to a dancer. We depicted the experimental dance sequence in a series of stills like a storyboard of movements, contrasting the quiet and structured layout with dreamlike, tinted images of the spry, spirited dancer; the staunchly contemporary type of the copytext with a mutely classical headline.