Singapore Writer's Festival (2014)

Brand Identity

All 3 types of Beauty are created using "materials" of books.

Referencing the beauty of nature, the beauty of the soul and the beauty of writing, we created visual metaphors that express this year's SWF's theme "The Prospects of Beauty" - The Beauty of Nature (Flower & Butterflies), The Beauty of Writing/Reading (Boat - a metaphor for writing and reading as a slow journey in a boat, enjoyable but choppy sometimes), and The Beauty of the Soul (of the Heart and of the Arts). All 3 types of Beauty are created using "materials" of books, writing, reading - papers torn from novels are folded into origami objects of heart, boat and flower as the 3 key objects, surrounded by pencils, bookmarks, splattered ink, etc and things that make writing and reading both joyful and poetic.