Meet the team

Kelley Cheng

Creative Director

Kelley is a pop culture junkie who abandoned her architectural degree in pursuit of an elusive dream – starting her own magazine. The life and death of ish magazine from 1999 to 2009 was quite the journey she needed to take as a rite of passage for her creative growth. The birth of The Press Room in 2009 marked a new chapter for her. On weekdays, she toggles between writing, designing, photographing, conceptualising; and on weekends, she indulges in night and day binging on Netflix series, dreaming about beach house retirement and trying to meditate towards Nirvana.

Tanya Singh


Tanya’s gift is in her glib command of language; with a Masters in Asian Art Histories, she writes with conviction and also happens to be compulsively obsessed with Green Curry and the tiniest bits of detail when it comes to work. Apart from her two devoted best friends, namely Netflix and a quaint little secondhand bookstore, Tanya’s favorite people are mostly ancient and long gone, like Emily Bronte, EE Cummings and even Vincent Van Gogh. But when she does take time off from making lists and organizing things, Tanya spends her time buried in copies of Wuthering Heights and plotting for a better world with free desserts for all and, more importantly, more Sundays in the week.

Yeo Wei Wei

Associate Editor

Dr. Yeo Wei Wei loves words. She loves them in more than one language, though most of her time on earth to date has been spent in the company of English words. Her doctoral dissertation was very long and said many things, but if it has to be boiled down to one sentence, that sentence might be: ‘Readers who are obsessive and creative lead interesting lives.’ After visiting Tate Britain and other museums for research, Wei Wei realised that apart from words, she also enjoys looking at pictures. The desire to spend more time on her writing led to the start of her years of living dangerously (still ongoing) as a self-employed person in the world’s most expensive city. She has enjoyed her previous careers in museum publishing (at National Gallery Singapore) and in education (at NUS and SOTA), but none has felt truer to self than her current job of working on her first novel.

Justina Lim

Graphic Designer

Justina's super powers include making things with her hands as well as software, putting pen to paper, drinking barrels of beer in one go and psycho-analysing people. When she is not at work or swimming in a beer tank, you will find her crawling around second-hand shops, in hopes of finding a new piece of music that moves her spirit. Speaking of which, she is a firm believer in the communicative power of graphic design and aspires to remind the world of the strength of the human spirit. She also aspires to some day have a background story like David Carson - an untrained surfer dude that became a graphic design legend.

Cat Ng

Graphic Designer

Graphic design sometimes requires fast response in the face of tight deadlines – luckily, Cat is quick with both her hands and feet. If the brief calls for an obscure series of caricatures in five quick minutes, she’s got it covered… If the brief needs to be submitted in person halfway across the country, she can probably sprint 300 meters in under a minute. Cat believes that her works carry a little piece of perspective for the world; she also believes that behind every successful designer is a well-made cup of Kopi C. Then again, when she’s not moving quickly from one project to the next, she likes to spend time with some Murakami and a nice bottle of beer.

Ming Goh

Graphic Designer

Ming is a conceptually driven graphic designer by day, and an avid pancake enthusiast by night. While he believes strongly that the medium is the message, he also admits that his work isn’t always “rainbows and sunshine” – nonetheless, the empathetic and easy-going designer never fails to remain calm while taking things in his stride. If he’s not busy pouring over heaps of research or recharging his creative bank, you can be sure to find Ming with his extensive collection of curious knick-knacks and Gachapon products! It certainly goes without saying that all the time he spends making and illustrating also serve as creative outlets to his fascinating obsession with these peculiar little toys.

Hong Kit

Graphic Designer

Good typography is central to some of the best designs ever made in history - at least, for Hong Kit. What comes next when he is done obsessing over beautiful letter forms and tasteful typesetting? Moving on to become the next NBA star, of course! On normal occasions, when he is neither an ardent graphic designer nor an aspiring NBA athlete, Hongkit finds himself most comfortable in bed with a nice cup of Ice Milo Kosong and a good deal of Netflix. As the day draws nearer to the end, he looks forward to some restful and well-deserved sleep, lulled by the voice of the legendary Massimo Vignelli spitting inspiring and timeless quotes.

Ming Jie

Graphic Designer

More often than not, graphic design is about many things other than design itself. Ming Jie knows this - which is why, as a curious and open-minded millennial, he has devoted his life to be a jack of all traits and a master of… some. On top of playing football next to an imaginary Beckham, living in a world of Netflix, and changing the education system with one too many posters, Ming Jie also likes to spend his time sipping beer with the make-belief company of luminaries like Stefan Sagmeister and Pann Lim. In a nutshell, this ambitious young man is passionate about many things in life and not only has a Diploma in Design Communication, but also a Masters in Procrastinatio…

Pei Xuan


A gifted illustrator, Pei Xuan puts to work her fantastic ability of daydreaming to create digital masterpieces. If you ever lose her at a foodcourt – because she was busy daydreaming – make sure to follow the smell of Cinnamon Tea or Wanton Noodles. With the curiosity of a five year old - binging on movies, reading anything and everything under the sun and even trying her hand at cooking – and the sensibility of an old soul – aiming to change the world by creating reminders that the world can be gentle, even if it is hard to be in, Pei Xuan has both the imagination and the skill to becoming the next Woonyoung Jung, her one true inspiration.