TEDxSingapore: The Undiscovered Country (2015)

Printed Graphics

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A goodie bag was created for a local TEDx conference that involved several foreign speakers and guests. The one-off project wanted to deliver a potent dose of Singaporean identity to attendees, and like most, we found it tough to pinpoint a unique historical symbol to represent the multicultural and multiracial nation. Good food and Singlish have become somewhat part of our shared heritage and identity, so what better way to introduce the country to visitors than with a quick-to-go guide to the colloquial language? From the clumsily blockish “blur”, to cheekily showy “meh”, to the stoically bland “boh bian”, we typeset the informal way of speaking in whimsical yet vocal fonts to convey their tones, all fitted neatly into the “X” of the TEDx brand.