The Press Room is a young publishing and design consultancy that seeks to find new dimensions and language in publishing and design. As with most young firms, we will like to proclaim that we are quite dynamic, in fact, our dynamism has often been compared to that of President Barack Obama.

With the philosophy that design is about good ideas, we are fully confident in designing anything and is hence multi-disciplinary in nature, as with most design firms in this century. We make big and small things like books, objects and spaces and we are attempting to make a Dolly sheep too. So you can really trust us to make anything for you, we have to refuse quite flatly though if you want any one of our good-looking team members to make a baby for you, unless you are extremely good-looking, clever, and rich, and is fully capable of making sheep too. These days common interest is underrated in relationships. Talking about relationships, in our free time when we are not changing the world, we provide counseling for distraught couples too.

We are currently conducting a genetic research on human cloning, analysing the progression of cells and processes, dealing with things like oocytes, spermatocytes, meiosis, gametes, plasmogamy, karyogamy, zygote, mitosis. It’s really tough but to be honest, nothing quite scares us. At the last company’s outing on a camping trip on Pulau Ubin, we were confronted by a bear that at first tried to attacked us, but by the morning, he was having coffee with us.

So if you are not a client from hell, don’t even call us. Easy is not fun. Push our limits, push our buttons (make sure you aim right), be nasty to us. Very nasty. In fact, throw us in a tsunami, an earthquake, a flood, in those situations, we can do really good designs in times of extreme stress and pain. Give us 2012, we can’t wait.

Founder/Creative Director

Kelley Cheng is a pop culture junkie who abandoned her honours degree in architecture to make a pretty cool magazine called ish. 10 years on in 2009, she abandoned her magazine to do soul searching by the poolside with pina coladas. One afternoon by pool as she was sipping her cocktail, a sudden glare appeared before her and it was the goddess Guan Yin. After the sagely encounter, she was enlightened into quitting smoking and drinking, converting to organic food and embracing a healthy life altogether. She also became an invincible designer suddenly and developed a supernatural power to use Indesign, Photoshop, Autocad and various software without touching the keyboard and simply by using mind power.

In her free time now, she engages in activities that saves the earth and promotes human rights. So if you want her to take time off from saving the world to do your design, be prepared to pay very well. Very very well, please – it is for the better of mankind.


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But seriously, folks..........................

The Press Room is a young publishing and design consultancy that seeks to find new dimensions and language in publishing and design.

With the philosophy that design is about good ideas, The Press Room draws no boundaries in design and is hence multi-disciplinary in nature. From simply making a book to creating an object to crafting a space, we treat every project uniquely and an intensive process of research and studies is always carried out to find the one unique solution and design for each client and each brief.

Currently, our work range from macro ones with complex strategies - building publishing companies to building a whole environmental infographic system for buildings; to medium ones – revamping old magazines and designing new ones, content development for books and publications, brand & identity design, crafting spaces and homes; to micro ones – making furniture, making a book or simply making a poster.

 Founder/Creative Director

3-time SOPA (Society of Publishers Asia) Award winning Editor and Creative Director Kelley Cheng is literally a Jill-of-all-trade – a pop culture junkie who abandoned her honours degree in architecture to pursue her dream in making a magazine. After a decade of running her own design magazine ish and winning a few awards along the way, today she is the Editor-in-Chief of Singapore Architect magazine, runs her own publishing & design consultancy The Press Room, and on top of it, she owns 2 trend-setting F&B outlets 15 minutes and Night & Day.

Once upon a time the Editorial Director of Page One Publishing, she was the creative mind behind many Page One books published worldwide. Many of which enjoyed international success and had been picked up by reputed foreign publishers such as Rockport, Harper Collins, Graphic Sha, etc to co-publish. Some of these books have been published up to a record of 13 languages worldwide with printruns of over 100,000.

2009 is a new beginning with The Press Room, which dabbles in all areas of design from publishing, graphic, brand, environmental, interior to theatre lighting and set design. .

Kelley also sits on the advisory panels for educational and design institutions (Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Design, Singapore Furniture Industry Council Design Development Committee, etc). She is a regular speaker at international design conferences and sat on numerous judging panels for local and international design competitions (Red Dot Awards, Design for Asia, Creative Circle awards, Nagoya-do! etc)